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Welcome to the Clucks n Ducks website.

Due to some health issues we are currently not either breeding or selling any chicks or ducklings at the moment. We will advise of any change to this right here on the website.

For more than 20 years we have been breeding all sorts of birds here at our 10 acre property located in the Beaudesert area of South East Queensland

Apart from our chooks & ducks we also breed a variety of Australian parrots & Australian Cattle Dogs. For details onour aviary birds & Australian Cattle Dogs please visit

Please take the time to have a look through the pages on our site to see the variety of fowls we keep & produce, all our stock are purebred.

Chicks & ducklings are hatched weekly right throughout the breeding season, and are available for purchase during that time. The breeding season varies between each species & variety, but is generally from late Winter until Autumn.

We also now have a range of feeders & drinkers available at bargain prices, please check the "Equipment & Feed" page for all details & pricing.

Sorry, but we do not sell eggs.

Advise needed is also freely given on the various breeds & their care.

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